El elefante Ganesha Dios a Luis obturador de la ventana del tatuaje, que representa el equilibrio perfecto entre fuerza y bondad y entre el poder y la belleza. También simboliza la capacidad discriminativa que proporcionan la capacidad de percibir las distinciones entre la verdad y la ilusión, lo real y lo irreal.

The Elephant God Ganesha at Luis tattoo's window shutter, he represents the perfect equilibrium between force and kindness and between power and beauty. He also symbolizes the discriminative capacities which provide the ability to perceive distinctions between truth and illusion, the real and the unreal.

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How so many absurd rules of conduct, as well as so many absurd religious beliefs, have originated, we do not know; nor how it is that they have become, in all quarters of the world, so deeply impressed on the minds of men; but it is worthy of remark that a belief constantly inculcated during the early years of life, while the brain is impressionable, appears to acquire almost the nature of an instinct; and the very essence of an instinct is that it is followed independently of reason. (Charles Darwin, Descent of Man p. 122)